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“Together let’s build great businesses”

Introducing our most powerful tool Flourishing.


Who is it for?

You! Your team, you bank, investors, everyone who is interested in the numbers within your business.

How does it work?

Flourishing works with all bookkeeping software but it auto-syncs daily with cloud based software such as Xero and Quickbooks. Flourishing pulls in your live data directly from your bookkeeping software so that you can see a live picture of your business financials in a visual form. You can access Flourshing wherever you are so you can open it on your tablet, your phone, laptop no matter where you are working.


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How we can help you?

We can prepare 3 way forecasts for you ie cashflow forecasts, profit and loss and balance sheet. We can set budgets, prepare what if scenarios, visualise your performance against targets and much more!

Flexible reporting.

We will design your own view of your dashboard so that you can focus on the KPI’s that are important to you and your business, you can view past present or future and we can design bespoke dashboards to suit you or your team. You can dissect your data and have it displayed any way you wish to see it, the whole system is totally flexible.


Do you know your numbers?

  • What were your sales last month?
  • What is your forecast net profit for this year?
  • How is your cashflow looking?
  • How are you doing this year compared to how you thought you’d do this year?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions then maybe now is the time to get closer to the numbers and to achieving your goals.

Give us a call or message us today and let’s see how Flourishing can help you and your business.